Meet Dusty!

This is Dusty, our mascot, community ambassador and emotional support dog. Dusty comes to work with Jessica most days and is available for cuddles, pets, and empathy. “I’ve had dogs my whole life,” says Jessica “and I’ve never met a dog as emotionally intelligent as Dusty. He just knows what people need. Spending time with Dusty is probably far more therapeutic than any medicine out there!” she jokes.

Dusty is a golden retriever and he is as gentle as they come. Dusty was rescued from a not-so-great home life when his family took in a dog that was aggressive with him. He was just too gentle to defend himself. Now, he is loved and spoiled with his sister and fellow rescue pup, Luna.  If dogs aren’t your thing, he’ll leave you alone, no hard feelings.

Dusty loves, treats, especially fries, going to the lake and running with the deer behind his house. He just wants to play with them but the deer probably don’t know that.