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(Salvia – Latin)
  n. to feel well &
  v. to heal
  adj. wise & 

Sage Mental Health welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds and treats all psychiatric disorders through both medication management and individual therapy. A few examples are anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, psychosis, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Sage is a safe and comfortable care center that is designed to place our patients at ease.

for you, the patient
to be well and healthy

Sage Mental Health
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I would higly recommend Jessica. I have never ever had any kind of problem with her. To the contrary, she listens extremely well and has helped me with my mental health issues. I would always go to her first.
Jess is wonderful. She is down to earth and very easy to talk to. She is very experienced in dealing with mental health issues. I am so happy that I found her!!
Response from the owner: Hi Pam, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review and trusting me with your care. You are a delight! Happy New Year!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review.
There is a dog. Also it is a very calming environment. Jessica listens and always willing to help.
Response from the owner: Katie, thank you so much! Dusty and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Went in for Jessica, came back for Dusty. :)Very calm, very laid back and grounded.Jessica is patient and straight forward with information.Very easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable with medication advice and recommendations.You can tell a lot about someone from their dog. Dusty is very calm and friendly, happy for some attention but never pushy.Therapy and can be exhausting but so far I've left feeling pretty good about the experience every time.Definitely recommend for people with high stress.
Response from the owner: Lol! Thanks, Mike. Dusty would be the tough one to replace around here. 🙂
Jessica is the best. easy to talk to, warm friendly and nonjudgmental. Would highly recommend her for any issue you have!!
I can say enough positive things about this office and how they have helped my family member! The turnaround has been amazing. Finally someone who actually listens, cares, and wants to truly understand and help every patient. THANK YOU!
I can't say enough good things about Sage Mental Health. From the moment you walk on the door you feel the support in the beautifully decorated office, the greeting from Dusty, and friendly face of Sadie.Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I never felt rushed or hurried during my appointments. I feel better than I have in years! If you come to Sage Mental Health, it will be the place you want to stay!
By far, Sage Mental Health is the best place I have been in 15 years!!!Dr. Jessica Eckhoff is so acknowledged about everything, extremely nice and treats you with real respect and sincerity too!!!Saddie, the office coordinator is amazing and that makes the whole experience so much better than a lot of these other providers out there!!And to finish up the atmosphere is warm, new and extremely calming, especially with their therapy dog by your side!!!!I have seen a psychiatrists in 20 years, and by far Dr. Jessica where Have You Been!!!So, so glad I’m finally in good hands and you should definitely try Sage Mental Health out,Please !!!!Sincerely- Amie Grissom THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING, WHEN SO MANY OTHERS HAVE LET YOU DOWN, AMEN!!!!
I was starting to feel hopeless until I found Sage Mental Health. Great provider that listens and really helps. I finally feel like myself again. Definitely would recommend going.
My happy place
Decided to practice self care and seek the help I needed. I am so grateful to have found and connected with Jess and Sage Mental Health. With Jess I felt immediately disarmed and talked with her like we have been friends for years. I felt heard and acknowledged. Office staff are so nice and helpful. Dusty the support pup was equally wonderful. Thank you Sage!
Sage and the people who work there have helped me tremendously! Thank you all for all you do !
Jess was very understanding and easy to talk to, she really listens. The vibe is relaxing and everyone is helpful!
I first heard about Sage while watching our local news show - Wave 3 listens. Jess is so wonderful! She is friendly, honest, and truly cares about you. Her main goal is helping you reach your own goals and she has been the best support along the way. I love the warm environment her office gives and she has the kindest staff. Thank you!
Jessica is the real deal. What a great listener…and I’m a nonstop talker! Compassion is what Sage brings- and they bring it strong.
Had experiences at a couple other mental health offices and was questioning giving it another shot and Jess by far makes me feel the most comfortable with the way she treats me as a person and with her knowledge in the psychology field. Highly recommend.
Great office with an amazing staff!
An absolutely wonderful place to go when you need some help. I haven't had a great experience with psychiatrists in the past, but Jessica made me feel heard and really helped me out when I needed it, and I plan to continue coming here. Highly recommended for your mental health needs.
Completey unprofessional when voiced dissatisfaction with her care, which could have Really put me in harms way. Absolutely not 💯. If I get another certified letter to my house with lies in it, I will prob report her the BBB.
Absolutely not. She made me feel like an addict for a script I don't ever fill and hardly use, and then offered me a medication that could have put me in harms way, the very first time she met me. Completely inappropriate. When verbalized to her my complete dissatisfaction with her care, she had the audacity to write a threatening letter 'certified' to my house. Clearly can't take criticism when I voiced my unsatisfaction with her care. As a patient I am allowed to do. She even lied about what I said.. Absolutely, not experienced enough, not professional, intimidating which I will not im any shape.tolerate, and would Not recommend. Grandiose and not a good practitioner. She doesn't have the patients' best interest, just her grandiose and thinks she knows best, when she doesn't. I couldn't give lesser rating. Personally, there's a reason APRNs are supposed to practice under an MD.
Response from the owner: This person has never been a patient at Sage and the review has been reported to google.
Very impressed with Jessica's ability to listen and offer great advise. The office is very inviting and the staff was so helpful. Highly recommend Sage Mental Health.
Jessica has the unique ability to be a very good LISTENER and advise with compassionate care! We will definitely recommend her at Sage!!!
Jessica does a great job listening and taking the time to understand her patients needs. Office environment is warm and friendly. Highly recommend
This is a comfortable and inviting office space. Jess is a caring, compassionate provider that helps with a variety of needs. I would recommend this office to a friend or family member.
Jessica is nothing short of amazing! She is so easy to talk to. She is very open and compassionate. The new office space is so warm and inviting! And Dusty- the emotional support dog is such an added bonus! We have all been through this pandemic together and I know for my family- it has been hard, but knowing that Jessica is just a phone call or short car ride away is comforting! I highly recommend Jessica and Sage Mental Health!
Very comfortable and inviting office space. The staff is both knowledgeable and compassionate. The whole experience gave me an at “home” feeling. Highly recommend for all your mental health needs
An open to all, caring alternative to mental health. Welcoming staff and environment. Welcome to Middletown!
Jessica is extremely helpful and professional. Even the office is calm and soothing!

WAVE 3 Listens Live! Sage Mental Health
September 14, 2021

Getting mental health care should be comfortable, and the goal is for you, the
patient, to be well and healthy. Like getting a massage or spending time with
a trusted friend, you will be made to feel important and cared for at Sage.

Sage offers both therapy as well as
medication management services.

Getting the care you need also shouldn’t place a financial burden on you. 
It does not have to cost $500 to see a psychiatric professional.

We will happily help you to complete
insurance forms for you to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company.